Who am I?

Who is Pallab Ghosal?

My Story: How I Left My Corporate Job and Finally Started Making a Full-time Living Form Home…(after failing again and again and again and again…)

For those of you who don’t know me let me give you my quick introduction:

My name is Pallab Ghosal and I am from India.

Now let me take you back to 2008. Exactly 2 years after I had passed my MBA in HR. And I was doing pretty well in my corporate job. Had a decent salary and a well-respected boss to work with (kind of rarity).

However…one little discussion on a gloomy Friday evening over a cup of tea changed everything for me. When I found out that my 56 years old boss was having a bank loan of $76,000 on his head…a home loan, two car loan’s and one child educational loan. And that fellow was slogging 8-10 hours every day excluding 3 hours for commuting.

After hearing that chill shiver ran through my spine. I certainly didn’t want to become like him after 30 years of corporate slogging.

So…what was the way out?

God had some other plans for me for sure…my roommate that time one day threw a book of Robert Kiyosaki on my lap and asked me to read that.

Mr. Kiyosaki started rearranging the neuron structure of my brain and started implanting the entrepreneurial seeds into it.

Long story short I joined a network marketing company soon after and started recruiting everyone whom I knew, didn’t know, and did not need to know.

Started talking to people everywhere and anywhere…roadside, buses, phone, mall, shop…you name it.

Followed by seminars, hotel meetings, and home meetings bla bla.

I started making a decent income from my network marketing opportunity and I thought that my full time attention would help me to scale up income to another level.

Boy was I wrong!

Immediately after I left my full-time job my network marketing company faced some legal challenges and was shut down for indefinite time (I came to realize that as a network marketer we don’t really control our destiny).

So what’s the way forward?

Fair enough I joined another MLM company and started building my organization from the scratch.

After one year this wasn’t doing too well so I decided to joined my 3rd network marketing company and then the 4th…the 5th…the 6th and so on.

I promoted product based MLMs, gold coins, communication technology services, survey based MLMs, ad space selling companies, e-commerce and the list goes on…

During 2013 I realized that this can’t go on for long time…My parents were starting to get really worried for my future and I had to do something real quick else I had to get back into corporate job which I never wanted to get back into again.

I thought that there must be some smarter ways to build the business. I had seen several guys building their ever growing businesses online. Having their blogs, making videos, capturing leads etc. And posting their tempting income screenshots.

So I started digging deeper into the subject and found it really compelling. Started subscribing into many marketer’s email list, attended many webinars and taken diary full of notes, started buying ton of courses on traffic, list building, conversions etc.

During that time I learned 2 important things:

  1. An Internet Marketer have two important assets BLOG and email LIST.


  1. Money in in the list so the bigger is your list the more money you will be making.

Fair enough. But how to build a list?

After spending some more money on list building courses and seeing no results I decided to take the big step forward and joined a mastermind group for $8000 to master list building and create my own sales funnel. I took a bank loan for making the payment towards the same.

Though it seemed bit overwhelming in the beginning however things started making sense for me slowly and I could see myself building my own money raking list.

By this time I had already spend over $20,000 in my ever growing IM education.

Finally after five months of hard work my sales funnel was ready, bought some SOLO ad traffic and started making some money online…yay!

10th August 2015 I launched my first product online. Though the product tanked but the learning was impact.

Since then I have launched 15 more product online and some of them have been the biggest grossers.

I had my biggest breakthrough when I made over $4000 within 24 hours. Kinda dream come true.

I have won several leaderboards, affiliate contests, been interviewed by some of the biggest IM’ers and IM shows since then.

Today I enjoy my online lifestyle and work on my own terms while enjoying the company of other successful IM’ers.

I am very thankful to GOD for showing this path to prosperity. And could not have achieved this without the relentless support of my parents and wife.

I am very passionate about teaching my students traffic generation, list building, CPA marketing, affiliate marketing, product launching. I see myself in them and want to help them achieve online lifestyle!

More than money I enjoy my FREEDOM. It’s about doing whatever you want to do and whenever you want you do.

FREEDOM for me is to wake up on a Monday morning and going for a movie while rest of them are busy cleaning their office desk.

If you enjoyed my story and got inspired by it then let me know in the comment section…I would love to see and reply to you.

And if you ever want to get in touch with me please feel free to contact me using Facebook, Skype or simply by sending me an email at admin@pallabghosal.com 🙂